The real story of Pepper and Parsley is a story of the families Stone and Theris and the intersection of their two crazy lives at just the right time. Each family has brought something different to the table but we both share a passion for education, exploration and cooking.


In 2016 Illustrator dad Spike Stone and mommy entrepreneur Elizabeth gave birth to their first daughter, Pepper. The Stone family began to search for a school that would foster Pepper’s independence, creativity, and confidence. Believing that early education could be more than simple childcare, the Stones dreamed of a place where their daughter could grow beyond her potential, a place that would open her to the limitless possibilities the world could offer. After over a year of searching for a school environment that would blur the boundaries of school and home the Stone and Theris worlds collided. Pepper Stone became Tiger Lily’s first student and the friendship between the two families began to grow.


In 2017 Alexandra Theris and her former chef husband opened Tiger Lily Montessori School. Theris envisioned Tiger Lily as a place where children could learn in an environment unlike any other, one that challenged them to reach their potential and to explore freely in a space prepared for them to exceed the expectations of early childhood education. The Theris’ believed that practical life skills at an early age would help build confidence in their young students. Coupled with an artistic background and a passion for cooking the Theris family launched a “cooking in the classroom” curriculum in their small Montessori school. Every Friday Tiger Lily students receive a lesson on a new recipe. Each week the work in the practical life area of the toddler environment helps to strengthen the skills their students need to prepare Friday’s recipe. The Theris’ believed that giving their students the freedom to explore in a safe and well-prepared environment would ignite a passion within them and they were right! “Cooking in the Classroom” became a huge success! Starting with simple vegetable chopping and ingredient mixing, Pepper and her tiny Tiger Lily friends began to master the art of cooking independently. The Stone and Theris families knew that cooking with children and following the Montessori method was a passion they all shared and wondered how they could combine their wide range of talents to share their mission with the world. An artist, a chef, a Montessori teacher, and an entrepreneur came together and boom! … the Pepper and Parsley series was born. After two years of cooking together in the classroom, the Stone’s and Theris’  were inspired to share their adventures with families everywhere. 

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